YMCA of Greater Louisville is going paperless in our payroll process!

So what's the scoop, why paperless?
The YMCA of Greater Louisville can save more than $6,000 annually if we stop printing and sending all of the pay stubs to the branches!  In today's economy saving $6,000 is a huge help in controlling costs.

Ok, saving money is important, but does this change help me?
Yes!  Once you start using online pay statements you'll have "anywhere, anytime for a long time" access to your pay statements.  ADP keeps copies of pay statements for several years.  You can get your 12/31/xx (last year end) pay stub if you forgot to take it with you to your tax preparer…just log on and print from anywhere you have internet access and a printer. 

More good news... if you go paperless by 9/28/09 you'll be eligible to win an iPod Shuffle!  If you miss the 9/28 deadline, be sure to go paperless by 10/12/09, you'll be eligible to attend a FREE pizza party hosted by ADP and the YMCA Association Office!  Thanks to ADP for the iPod and pizza party.
I'm ready, what do you need me to do?
Great!  We need you to visit the ADP iPay Website to turn off your paper pay statement.  Look in the "HOW?" section to the right to see the steps for going paperless.
What if I'm currently getting a paper check?
You need to enroll in the iPay website (see the instructions to the right).  Also you need to setup a direct deposit for your paycheck.  Direct deposits can go to a checking or savings account. Download the Direct Deposit form here.
I'm not eligible for direct deposit.  Can I keep receiving my live check?
No.  We are going 100% paperless.  If you are not able to get a checking or savings account you will need to speak with your branch's HR Coordinator about obtaining a TotalPay card (described at the bottom of this column).

9/28/09 - Deadline (for going paperless) to be eligible for an iPod Shuffle.

10/12/09 - Deadline (for going paperless) to be eligible for the pizza party.

- First 100% Paperless Payroll

ADP TotalPay Card
If you are ineligible for direct deposit of your pay check to a checking or savings account then you can signup for an ADP TotalPay card.
Contact your Branch HR Coordinator to signup for a TotalPay card.

How to register on ADP iPayStatements

Note: You will need your most recent pay statement to complete this process.

  1. Go to http://ipay.adp.com
  2. Click on “Register Now"
  3. Enter the Registration Pass Code: YMCAL-PAY
  4. Enter your “First Name, Last Name, SSN, and Birthday.”
  5. Under “Select a Service” select “iPayStatements” from the dropdown.
  6. Select “Pay Statement/Earnings Statement.” 
  7. From the most recent pay statement, enter the following information (found in the top left corner of the check stub):
    1. Company Code: “YMR”
    2. File Number:  Employee Number
    3. Social Security Number
    4. Pay Date
    5. Check/Voucher Number (don't include the leading zeros)
      You will be prompted to complete a registration process during which you will select a unique password.  Your password must contain between 8 to 20 characters and at least one alpha and one numeric character.  Additionally, you will be assigned a system generated User ID.
  8. Once you've registered and logged in, click the "Go Paperless" link on the right side of the iPay website.
    In this section of the website you'll be able to check a box indicating you want to go paperless.  You can also turn on email notifications reminding you when a new pay statement is available. 


Questions about your iPay Statement or TotalPay card?

Contact your HR Coordinator

Association Services
David White
Carol Huff/Melanie Cox
Bullitt County
Anita Stump
Camp Piomingo
Barbara Ellis
Chestnut Street
Carolyn Polk
Dixie Manor
Jenifer Roberts @ SW
Freda Davis
Carol Huff @ NE
National Safe Place
Julie Arney
Northeast Carol Huff
Oldham County
Meredith Adams
Safe Place Services
Charlotte Hall
School Age Child Care
Juli Gibson
Jenifer Roberts

Still have questions?  Contact David White, Payroll Administrator at the Association Services Office

That's right, enroll in iPay and turn off your paper pay statement by 9/28/09 and you'll be entered in a drawing for an iPod!

All paperless staff are eligible for the iPod regardless of when you went paperless.
For all staff that were paperless by 10/12/09, you're invited to a pizza party at the Association Office on 10/27/09... more news to come!  We'll be drawing for the free iPod at the party (for those who were paperless by 9/28/09).


Visit the Paperless YMCA Blog to ask questions about the transition.
Comments from Paperless Payroll Awareness Survey - 9/17/2009

"I signed up for paperless about 2 months ago and am still receiving a pay stub."
Anyone that has signed up to be paperless but is still receiving a paper pay stub after more than 2 pay cycles since signing up should contact David White, YMCA Payroll Administrator, 587-2112 or your branch HR Coordinator.

"I think it's great"
Great! Glad to hear it!

"I think it is a good idea!"
Good to hear.

"Yes, I had registered to go paperless in March. However I can't view my stub on line. An error message states that although I have registered, my information is incorrect. Do we need to receive an "acceptance to go paperless" after registering to confirm ? I entered the info needed from the work pc. Another person did hers from home and was successful."
Thanks for letting us know you're having issues (and thanks for sending your contact information), we'll contact you soon to help you get access to the http://ipay.adp.com website to view your paperless pay stub

"I am already paperless :-) Go Green!!!!!"
Woot!  Saving money and saving some trees!  Go YMCA!

"I've been paperless for a few years already, is there anything I need to do to register for the ipod?"
Wow!  You're a leader!  Thanks.  No, you don't need to do anything to register for the iPod entry.  We will pull a list from ADP of all staff that are enrolled to be paperless.  Whether you signed up today or 3 years ago, as long as you're paperless by 9/28/2009 you're eligible to win an iPod!

Great idea!
Thanks!  Glad you like the idea.

"My wife and I did this when it first came out a few months ago"
Sweet!  Two staffers in the same household and both are paperless!

"Will those who went paperless during the first push (last year) going to be rewarded for doing it the first time?"
Everyone that is signed up to be paperless before 9/28/2009 is eligible for the free iPod.  Also all that are paperless before 10/12/2009 will be invited to a pizza party.

"Will be trying to go on line today and get set up."
Excellent.  Any staff that have trouble signing up should contact their HR Coordinator.

"I think it's a great idea!"

"I wish there had been a "choice" on this vs. forced on us. I have had several occasions when my vacation/sick/holiday pay wasn't correct) so I'm not real trusting... Now instead of looking @ my pay stub, I will have to go online to see if it has been done correctly."
Sorry for the frustration you've experienced in the past.  You're right, you will have to go online to view your pay stub to ensure accuracy.

"System says I am registered on iPay website. It states "You have already registered and subscribed for the service you selected" I need a way to select -go paperless."
We'll help you work through this issue.  Please contact your HR Coordinator first, if s/he isn't able to help, David White at the ASO will help.
"I couldn't figure out how to enter the web site to sign up?"
Visit http://ipay.adp.com to signup for paperless statements. 

I think it's a great idea."
Thank you!

"I love the paperless thing. I have been paperless for a few months and love it. You should play up the fact that your W-2's are also stored on this website."
Glad you've been paperless for a while and great idea regarding the online access to W-2s.

"Hooray YMCA! Going green! Now start a recycling program at Northeast! How appalling that they do not RECYCLE. :("
Yeah!  Glad you're excited.  Regarding recycling at Northeast... sounds like you have a project awaiting you!!!

"Materials make it sound like this is optional."
Ok. Thank you for sharing.  We do want to be clear.  Going paperless is no longer an option.  We left it option since 2005 but decided it was time to finally make the change effective across the organization and our 1300 employees.

"I understand why we need to go paperless, but it seems unfair for those who are unable to have access to a computer, not all people can afford one."
Thanks for recognizing the need.  Any staff person that needs to print a pay statement is welcome to do so at your branch.  We hope that all staff will overcome the desire to print every statement.  Nonetheless, if you need to print yours you can certainly do so at the YMCA.

"ROCK ON! Its good to be aware of Earth, ourselves and each other"
Well said!

"Just have not had time to look yet but I will"
If you have any trouble contact your HR Coordinator

"I hate being forced into things. I thought this was optional a couple of months ago but now I have to do it. that sucks."
We know not everyone will embrace the idea of being paperless.  And yes, going paperless was an option for the past four years.  After much consideration we decided that going paperless was the right thing to do.

"I have been paperless for several years"

"Don't like this because I can't print it off without a printer"
We Understand your dislike of the change.  Remember you can print statements at the branch.  But we hope you'll truly become paperless and overcome the desire to print your statements.  ADP holds our pay statements for years so you can always log into http://ipay.adp.com and get an old statement if needed.

"I understand and applaud the YMCA's plan to go paperless. However not all employees have access to computers. Many feel uncomfortable using computers here at the branch. We need to be sensitive to ALL. For some it was easier to grab the stub and review at their own convenience!! I have had several employees complain about not getting their paystub. I tried to explain, they can always print them out here and take home but that defeats the purpose of saving paper."
Thanks for sharing some staff concerns.  Please note - ALL staff have access to computers.  If a staff person needs to print their statement (and isn't able to do so at home) they can absolutely do so at the YMCA.  We hope that staff will overcome the desire to print every pay statement.  We have several staff that have been paperless for years and haven't regretted going paperless at all!

"Is this mandatory? Once you turn it off then is it automatically emailed to you? Are we trying to save trees or money?"
Yes it is mandatory.  Once you turn off your paper statement you can choose to receive an email notification from ADP informing you when your pay statement is available online for viewing. We're trying to save trees and money! 
"I went paperless a long time ago and hope I am eligible for the ipod give away too."
Absolutely!  All staff (regardless of when they went paperless) are eligible to win an iPod.  Tell your non-paperless co-workers they have until 9/28/2009 to be paperless in order to have a chance at winning an iPod.

"I don't like it. My husband's company is paperless and we do not have internet at home I would like to keep mine the same especially now that I have lost my full time and have to have my paystub when I go to the unemployment office."
Sorry that you've come through some hardship recently.  Remember you can always print your pay stub at your branch if needed.

"I work just during the summer with summer camp and the counselors. Of the 14 college students working for me this summer, 6 or 7 of them received paper checks. They did this for a number of reasons, some had bank accounts out of town even out of state, other didn't have bank accounts at all. Is the option still available for Summer Hires to receive paper checks?"
Great question.  The answer is no.  We are no longer going to print paper checks.  All staff need to be on direct deposit.  For circumstances where direct deposit isn't a viable option staff will receive an ADP Pay Card.  The pay card gets loaded with wages on the same cycle as our bi-weekly payroll.  There is a fee-free ATM machine at Dodge's Store in Muldraugh, just down the street from Camp Piomingo!  There are actually fee-free ATM machines that work with the ADP pay cards all over the Greater Louisville community.  Visit http://www.allpointnetwork.com to locate these ATMs.

"Will people who went paperless a year ago be eligible for the IPOD giveaway?"
For sure!  All staff that are paperless by 9/28/2009 are eligible for the iPod giveaway.
"I know this is getting with the times but I like to keep all pay stubs for the year & will still be printing each one (@ the YMCA) as I do not have access to a computer with a printer elsewhere. I wonder how many others don't have access to computers & will still be using YMCA ink & paper @ the branches???????"
Getting with the times... well said by you.  We encourage all staff to embrace the opportunity to go paperless!

"No, I plan on doing it tomorrow."
Thanks for going paperless well before the deadline of 11/13/09.  Maybe you'll win the iPod!

"I am concerned with the people who have registered for paperless yet still receive a paper stub. I would hope that the situation would be resolved before we go completely paperless."
We'll work to resolve this over the next several payrolls in preparation for the 11/13/09 deadline.

"Already have."
Thank you!

"Did it. Easy!"
Perfect.  Please help encourage your colleagues to go paperless as soon as possible.

"I will go paperless this Monday (when I get pay stub)"
You've got a plan. Excellent.